A Group Buy allows users to submit their email address in return for a group discount. The more people that submit their email the bigger the discount. 

Here is a screenshot:


To get started, log into Droparoo app and select Group Buy.


Select the day you want the product to change. You may only select a single day. Each Group Buy will run for a single week. When you first install the app, the first product in queue will be merchandised immediately. Once the selected start date is reached, the app will begin to switch products in and out every day on the selected date. This is also true if you switch the start date.

For example, you install the app on Monday and set the Start Date to Saturday. The first product will be live from Monday to Saturday. Every Saturday after the first Saturday is reached will be the day the products are switched.

Once you have selected your day, choose your entries and tiers.

Note: Every time you add a tier, you must add more users and offer a bigger discount. 

Click the Save Info button and your Group Buy is live. 

You can also control the progress bar of the Group Buy by changing the color picker. 

At the end of the Event, Droparoo send you an automated email that includes the users that signed up and the discounts they entered at. From here, you should add them to your email list and send them an offer that they were expecting. 

We hope this new feature helps you grow your user base and sales!