The Flash Sale will temporarily mark down a product in your store. In order for a customer to capitalize on the price, the customer must complete a checkout. Products held in cart will be reverted back to their original price as soon as a flash sale ends.

How to Run a Flash Sale

Click on the Flash Sale radio button to open the Playtime manager. Flash sales give you the option of a start and an end time each day of the week. 

Start by entering the times you wish to run your sale. You may type in the times directly or use the time selector. 

Notice in this screenshot, the Flash Sale is only set to run on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

Once the actual time matches the time set in your Flash Sale, your Deals Page will now look like this:


Note: All time is kept on the user side connection. If the user's web connection renders slowly, the time the web server keeps and the time the user's user interface may not match 100%