Sometimes it is easier for our app to automatically publish your daily deals or new products up for the flash sale.

Each time Droparoo tweets, it will include the Product Name and "on sale now."

To connect your Twitter account, click the Social button in the top right corner. 

Click the Connect Twitter button and login to your account. Once the app is authenticated, it is ready for publishing. 


Once connected, you can choose how we will Tweet for you. Here are your options:

  1. When a new product is for sale- Tweets every new product. Only applies to flash sales.
  2. My daily event starts - Tweets at the start time of your daily deal or flash sale

You can also add options for your Tweet.

  1. Includes a product picture in each Tweet
  2. Provides a link that returns to your store's deal page
  3. Includes a hash tag of your choosing

The social publisher only Tweets when a sale is active.