At the moment, embedding the deals page into the home page is not officially supported, but many shops have been able to get it working by following the steps below. This approach requires knowledge of HTML and your results may vary based on the theme you're using.

To begin, find the Droparoo Deals page in the Shopify backend and click the far right bracket button, to reveal the HTML used to generate this page. Copy and paste all the code inside the content field.

Now with this code copied, go into your homepage theme file and paste the code inside. For best results, include the deals page code inside it's own <div> tag and not inside another section. For our purposes, we added the code snippet immediately after the hero image section, however the code snippet should work anywhere on the home page that works best with your theme.

The embedded deals page will look different based on your theme, here is what it looks like on the default Shopify theme for our test store.


Once again because this involves editing the theme files, and is heavily dependent on the specific setup of your own shop, we cannot official support it, but this guide should help users who are familiar with HTML to extend Droparoo deals even further.